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Solar Off Grid Solutions/Solar Power Pack Systems/Solar UPS :

Solar Inverters is the core product the Off Grid Solution. The Solar inverter products cover Grid feed, stand alone and Hybrid applications and is the key to give better results we take utmost care in choosing the right  System for you. The products have an extensive reference and comes with standard communication and protection features. .

Roof Top SPV Systems:

Several cities and towns in the country are experiencing a substantial growth in their peak electricity demand. Municipal Corporations and the electricity utilities are finding it difficult to cope with this rapid rise in demand and as a result most of the cities/towns are facing severe electricity shortages. Various industries and commercial establishments e.g. Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Nursing homes etc housing complexes developed by the builders and developers in cities and towns use diesel generators for back-up power even during the day time. These generators capacities vary from a few kilowatts to a couple of MWs. Generally, in a single establishment more than one generators are installed; one to cater the minimum load required for lighting and computer/ other emergency operations during load shedding and the others for running ACs and other operations such as lifts/ other power applications. With an objective to reduce dependency on diesel gen sets, a scheme to replace them with SPV is being proposed. Further, in order to utilize the existing roof space of buildings, the scheme proposes to promote roof-top SPV systems on buildings to replace DG gen sets installed for minimum load requirement for operation during load shedding. These loads are generally varying between 25 kW to 100 kW or so.

A roof top SPV system could be with or without grid interaction. In grid interactionsystem, the DC power generated from SPV panels is converted to AC power using power conditioning unit and is fed to the grid either of 11 KV three phase line or of 220V single phase line depending on the system installed at institution/commercial establishment or residential complex. They generate power during the daytime which is utilized fully by powering the captive loads and feeding excess power to the grid as long as grid is available. In cases, where solar power is not sufficient due to cloud cover etc.

The captive loads are served by drawing power from the grid. The grid- interactive rooftop SPV systems thus work on net metering basis wherein the beneficiary pays to the utility on net meter reading basis only. Ideally, grid interactive systems do not require battery backup as the grid acts as the back-up for feeding excess solar power and viceversa. However, to enhance the performance reliability of the overall systems, aminimum battery-back of one hr of load capacity is strongly recommended. In grid interactive systems, it has , however to be ensured that in case the grid fails, the solar power has to be fully utilized or stopped immediately feeding to the grid (if any in excess) so as to safe-guard any grid person/technician from getting shock (electrocuted) while working on the grid for maintenance etc.


This feature is termed as ‘Islanding Protection’ Non-grid interactive systems ideally require a full load capacity battery power back up system. However, with the introduction of advanced load management and power conditioning systems, and safety mechanisms, it is possible to segregate the day-time loads to be served directly by solar power without necessarily going through the battery back-up. As in the previous case of grid-interactive systems, minimum one hour of battery back-up is, however, strongly recommended for these systems also to enhance the performance reliability of the systems. The non-grid interactive system with minimum battery back are viable only at places where normal power is not available during daytime. In case the SPV power is to be used after sunshine hours, it would require full load capacity battery back up which will increase the cost of system which may not be economically viable even with support from Government




The Technology:


Photovoltaic technology is theoretically a simple process. It is simply to absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity trough certain chemically treated Silicon cells arranged in panels. The electricity thus generated can be put to use in the same way as it would be from any other source. Though the transferring of this technology has developed rapidly over the past two decades from small scale sector to specialized industry.

Photovoltaic technology is now regarded as mature with internationally accepted standards and specifications for components. It is a sure reliable energy source, thus it is being used even in space programs.

An Effective alternative:

For a country like India with plenty of sunlight available all over throughout the year, this PV Technology is a great boon. It can be affectively used as an alternative for conventional energy generation. It has built in economic and environment benefits and free from the disadvantages of the grid and hazards of the polluting fossil fuel dependent systems.


The Practical Solution:

Identification of practical niche for Photovoltaic (PV) applications means identifying the range of application for which PV are technically suitable, affordable and available at the least cost solution compared with all relevant alternatives.


Need For Solar UPS Systems:


The most important reason for all development, including energy development, is to improve the quality of power and uninterrupted source of power. One of the highest priorities for all of us is better quality and uninterrupted source of power.

Improved lighting provides opportunities for extending the workday in all arena of human activities. This includes not only better scope for higher productivity but also for much extended source power for maintaining the records and other critical data required in police station and better communications for dependency on regular basis.

It is in this sector that the PV systems have been developed most effectively for us. Power being the most important area for which solar systems are of high practical utility, we have a readymade package in the solar Power Pack fir Energy requirements developed as a total solution for lighting and as a backup for computer and wireless sets, and such other purposes where reliable uninterrupted power supply is desired.


Energy Independence:

There are many ways to generate electricity, but what are the specific benefits of solar generated electricity from photovoltaic cell? One of the most attractive benefit is that we will have “Energy independence” the ability to create our own electrical power, Independent of fossil fuel or and with backup from grid supply.


Free Fuel:

Sunlight is the “fuel”, and it is available freely and abundantly over the planet’s surface. This has a distinct advantage over other conventional generation methods which require fuel deliveries. This may limit the choice of suitable sites so as to have road access, may be prevented due to poor road conditions, or vehicle problems. The cost of delivering fuel to remote locations can be substantial. For example, it has been estimated that it requires one unit of diesel

to delivery one unit of fuel to remote village along the Amazon River in Brazil. in other words, the cost of the fuel is doubled.


Minimal Maintenance:

Solar Photovoltaic systems typically require very minimal maintenance because, there are few moving parts. Contrast this a diesel-powered system, or even other renewable sources such as wind generators or hydro generators, which often have costly repairs and regular maintenance photovoltaic systems is quite low.


Maximum Reliability:

Reliability is the primary advantage of Photovoltaic’s when compared to any other form of electrical power generation, Because there are no moving parts and the complexity of the system can be kept low, the ultimate reliability of photovoltaic power systems is quite high. Environmental effects such as lightening strikes, high winds or blowing sand, humidity and heat or snow and ice typically do not affect the photovoltaic generator. The key to reliability is quality and simplicity. If high quality components are used with the solid-state solar generators, and if the component count and complexity of the system design are kept to a minimum, the chance of failure is remarkably low.


Generate where need:

We can think differently about designing power systems for our requirements. There is no need to have always a central generator large enough to meet all our power demands. We can distribute the generation of power to various sites, such as; each class room, or each house, rather than always having to install a large generator and string power lines to individual users that might have been separated by distances. Because arranging a series of simple single cells makes the photovoltaic generators we can easily consider installing just the required amount of cells needed to generate expected demand of power at each individual site. This flexibility is not available in other forms of generation.


Easily Expanded:

Photovoltaic power generation is modular by design. More power can added to an existing array easily. Voltages properly matched, new modules can be added to old ones without any difficulty. Just the needed number of modules can be installed at a time and as demand grows more modules can be added in later years. This means that financially, it is easy to start with a minimal power system today and then add to the power as the budget allows later.


Energy-Free of Cost:

Beside all these advantages with solar lighting, the energy is free. There are no power or fuel bills.

Used and Advantages:

The primary use of solar power pack is in areas where there is regular interruption of conventional power sources are or problematic as in rural, costal and remote locations and complex urban situations. The solar Power Packs Systems have been designed for use in any place under whatever the situation where good quality power is needed. Specially, these have the potential to provide uninterrupted power for all areas where security are priorities. If required, the units can be simply relocated with ease.

These systems can also serve as effective alternative solutions for problems normally faced while using conventional power, like power cuts and power fluctuations. The systems have a long life expectancy and maintenance can be carried by anyone with basic trade skills.

Solar Power Packs work on their own independent of conventional Power supply. Still, when need arises, rarely as in the case of an extended stretch of cloudy days, it can use conventional energy too to charge its Batteries, to ensure continuous power supply for all the 365day in year.



Solar Power Pack is a Photovoltaic pack capable of Powering both inductive and resistive loads. It can meet not only the demands against erratic power supply and fluctuation in voltages, can also work as a stand system where there is no power supply at all.


How the System Works?

The Solar photovoltaic system works on the principle of conversion of sunlight into electrical energy. The Solar Panel array facing the sun captures the sun energy, converts it into electricity and stored in batteries. With the help of Electronics, the loads operate as per the requirement of the end user.
It has been so designed to store energy for continuous use including 3 non-sunshine days at a stretch. Further, when the charge level in the battery comes down to 50% of the installed capacity, the inverter automatically switches over to SEB source and charge the battery and switches off automatically once the minimum level is reached.



The Range of Use:
The pack can be used far a variety of applications ranging from powering houses and offices for providing Lighting, Fan, Machines, Wireless sets etc. it is also designed such that it can also be used to power computers and can act as a UPS.

Capacity of the system can be gauged by the vast range of uses. Typically 3600 Watt hours Load for 06 hours can be used. A combination of other loads can also be used provided the maximum power consumption does not exceed 1050 W/day for a stand alone system.


Power Conditioning Unit







Cost effective round the Clock protection of your facility.






Solar Street Lights :



We turn your dark into light courtesy of our brilliant sun
Our systems are engineered for long-term and reliable performance with little or no maintenance. The systems are designed for a wide range of physical and operating environments and are perfect for rural, suburban and metropolitan areas. Common uses for our lighting systems and power systems are:

  • Roadway: collector, arterial and highway lighting
  • Parking lots: open and covered parking lot lighting
  • Pathways/trails: emergency phones and lights
  • Tennis courts and running track lighting
  • Perimeter fence lighting
  • Portable Emergency lighting and power
  • Brown Out/Black Out Backup Lighting
  • Remote operations including SCADA and water treatment
  • Security lighting and surveillance cameras in construction sites and high-risk or dark areas
  • DOT Bridges with antiquated or damaged electrical wires
  • Hazard warning lights at stop signs, cross-walks and on met-towers
  • Remote bathrooms and rest stops
  • Permanent and Temporary - Government and Military Applications
  • Explosive Storage Rooms
  • Emergency Lighting

Our products are made of high quality and reliable materials. Our Service supports is excellent.
EDGE Solar Street Lights  prides itself on being agile and adaptable to the fast-paced evolution of technology and market conditions which requires product enhancements, new designs, and quick turn-times. We leverage best-of-breed, the smartest, most reliable technology in the world with our own patented components in creating high performance, low maintenance products.  Since our products are the highest quality, we are able to back-up our statements with the best warranty in the industry.
EDGE Solar Street Lights  eliminates the guessing game when it comes to choosing the best solar outdoor lighting system and light fixture for your application.

We are committed to excellence and timely delivery of our projects. With this steady approach, we have developed a strong relationship with our clients; and we looking forward to serving you.


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Edge Technologies is a leading power systems engineering Consultants. We Analyze, Measure, Detect and solve electric power problems .Our customers include electric power utilities, industrial, Software, commercial energy users, and government and research organizations.


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