EDGE POWERLUXLighting Energy Saver



Input Voltage          : 340V – 480V 3-Phase, 4 Wire

Rating                    : 15,27.5,37.5,50,75,112,150,220 KVA

Output Voltage        : 230V RMS Stabilized

Frequency               : 47-53 Hz

Efficiency                : >98%

Accuracy                 : 1%

Waveform Distortion : Nil

Enclosure                : IP 21

Real Time Monitoring: 3 Ph V, I, F, VA, KVA, KWH, KVAR, Min, Max & Avg. Values

Load Variations        : 0 to 100%




•Embedded Controller with Software interface via RS-232 and Ethernet

•Large 20X4 LCD with Backlight, displays Time / Date and Current Present Level

•Fully Programmable Daily / Monthly / Yearly calendar with Holiday sheduler

•Auto Start / Shut down with 0-30 minute ignition Cycle

•Circuit Breaker for short circuit and overload protection

•View Power & Energy Usage


We are committed to excellence and timely delivery of our projects. With this steady approach, we have developed a strong relationship with our clients; and we looking forward to serving you.


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Edge Technologies is a leading power systems engineering Consultants. We Analyze, Measure, Detect and solve electric power problems .Our customers include electric power utilities, industrial, Software, commercial energy users, and government and research organizations.


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