Solar Thermal System – ETC Type


•The efficiency or temperature achieved is much higher than all other system sold in India

•All support structures are made of Aluminum alloy and do not require any painting or maintenance – has an expected life of 20 years plus

•Expected life of entire system  - 20 years plus

•Has the Best quality of Vacuum Insulation with a performance warranty of 5 years



  • Huge Savings on electricity bills and pay back within 2 years.
  • High Thermal efficiency using the world’s latest, proven and tested, Evacuated Glass Tube Collectors, which track the sun throughout the day and intercept more than 93% of incident solar radiation.
  • Tested at SPRERI (Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Institute), Gujarat (Approved test centre of MNES & BIS, Govt. of India).
  • Requires lesser space as compared to conventional solar water heaters.
  • Handles hard water with ease without drop in efficiency and does not require frequent internal cleaning.
  • PUF insulated Stainless Steel Tank with SS cladding ensures hot water even on winter mornings.
  • Electrical back-up is also available to provide additional heating during the monsoon season.
  • Corrosion resistant structures and hardware.
  • Requires practically no maintenance.
  • Long Life about 20 years.
  • Available in standard sizes of: 125 Liters / 250 Liters & 500 Liters per day and custom – built options for larger requirements
We are committed to excellence and timely delivery of our projects. With this steady approach, we have developed a strong relationship with our clients; and we looking forward to serving you.


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