Vibration Analysis is a Powefrful Tool that when integrated into an overall inspection program will help save maintenance cost by:

  • Reducing the Risk of unexpected downtime
  • Extremely effective safeguard against total cost
  • Time ordering of replacement parts to reduce expediting costs
  • Advance planning shortens repair and inspection times

Specific types of vibration causing problems that can be detected in analysis:

  • Bearing defects or wear
  • Damaged or worn teeth
  • Misalingment (Internal / External)
  • Rotating looseness or Imbalance
  • Resonance of loose components
  • Blending or Eccentricity
  • Unequal Thermal Effect
  • Bad Belt Drives

A vibration analysis program will include the following;

Natural forcing frequencies from the shaft speeds, gear mesh frequencies and bearing frequencies shall first be determined.

A record of operational parameters will be established which shall include such items as the lubricating oil temperature, load, history of work done, etc.

The initial visit will establish the baseline criteria

Readings are taken at designated points & Results will determine the source of vibration

Subsequent visits are compared to the baseline such that statistical alarm and warning limits maybe established

Each set of measurements are analyzed for frequency, phase, and amplitude

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