RTPFC Systems




•Transient Free Capacitor group switching, using electronic switching elements

•Enhances capacity of Transformers, Local Generator systems, such as diesel and windmill generators 

•Avoids waveform distortions, since capacitors are connected and disconnected during ‘zero’ current

•Prevents damage to sensitive electronic equipment

•Saves energy by reduced max. demand, PF bonus & saving in transformer losses.

•Accurate Power Factor Control, even in the presence of harmonics.

•Dramatically increases the life expectancy of switching elements and capacitors.

•Built-in network analyzer, measuring all network parameters including harmonics.

•Modular & Upgradable with increased plant load.



•Fast variable loads like CNC machines, welding, induction heating/melting, drives, extruders e.t.c.

•Sensitive electronic equipments like data centre, R&D Labs, Corporate Offices, Telecommunications, Hospitals and Airports

•Welding, Rolling Mills, Elevators, Cranes, Traction e.t.c

•Big Motors, Pumping Stations, Sewage and Water-Treatment Plants, Air-Conditioning Plants… 

We are committed to excellence and timely delivery of our projects. With this steady approach, we have developed a strong relationship with our clients; and we looking forward to serving you.


Edge Technologies

Our Team

Edge Technologies is a leading power systems engineering Consultants. We Analyze, Measure, Detect and solve electric power problems .Our customers include electric power utilities, industrial, Software, commercial energy users, and government and research organizations.


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