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Our company M/s EDGE TECHNOLOGIES, established in the year 2000 and has been steadily growing over the years. Right from Inception our company has been focused on delivering Customized / Tailor made solutions for the Individual Clients. With a motive to conserve Energy and to avoid wastage of Natural Resources and to promote Energy Savings.

At Edge Technologies we offer solutions for improving power quality in LV / MV / HV networks. The wide range of solutions include but not limited to state of the art power conditioning solutions, specialized filtering applications, power quality monitoring solutions all the way to a host of supplementary services all embracing the subject of " Power Quality".

At Edge Technologies, the emphasis is on continuous learning through focused Research & Development. This has enabled the company to fortify its knowledge base and acquire stupendous engineering expertise to such an extent that Edge Technologies today offers complete e- to – end solutions on power quality problems under one roof. Motivation , a strong factor on the success of the company, is drawn from Identifying ideas for improvement and implementing the same in a methodical manner.

Now that the company has built itself into a position of repute it now aims to consolidate and transform itself into a complete powerhouse in Power solutions. For this Edge Technologies endeavors to deal in a variety of solutions ranging from power consumption/compensation to offsetting harmful effects of new Age Electrical Polluting Devices.

The transformation aim has led the company to enter into strategic agreements with some of the best product manufacturers in the world. Edge Technologies personnel would now have complete access to the basic technology used in designing high - end components and systems used for Power Quality Improvement and Energy Savings. It has also set up a highly efficient centre aimed at designing & developing PQI Systems.

The continual emphasis on client servicing has led the company to adopt state of the art monitoring instruments to access performance. This act as a catalyst understanding the client needs better and providing streamlined solutions and inculcate healthy process of garnering quality feedback from the client.

The Company at the same time also focuses on developing its sales Distribution by strengthening its core Sales Team and its channel accelerators i.e Market Partners and Market Contacts.

Edge Technologies thus aspires to grow its business exponentially and become a Market leader in the field of Power Quality Improvement.

We are committed to excellence and timely delivery of our projects. With this steady approach, we have developed a strong relationship with our clients; and we looking forward to serving you.


Edge Technologies

Our Team

Edge Technologies is a leading power systems engineering Consultants. We Analyze, Measure, Detect and solve electric power problems .Our customers include electric power utilities, industrial, Software, commercial energy users, and government and research organizations.


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