System mounts on side of Standard MS Steel pole of length 4.5m above ground

System Operating Voltage  : 12V

  • LED Lighting fixture Output : 15W
  • Solar Panel type : Poly-Crystalline
  • Solar Panel Wattage : 75 Wp
  • Mode of Operation : Dusk to Dawn
  • Battery Enclosure : NEMA 3RX Rainproof, vented,
    aluminum enclosure with lockable doors
  • Batteries : Sealed maintenance free Lead-Acid Batteries rated to 75 Ah. Each battery weighs approx. 17Kg.
  • Warranty: 10 Years – Solar PV Panel
  • 5 Years – Battery
  • 2 Years - LED



  • The Solar Power Module is normally mounted above the fixture facing South when North of the Equator, allowing the fixture to face in any direction
  • Entire Structural assembly is specially engineered for rugged environment
  • Sturdy Corrosive Resistant Aluminium and Stainless Steel Hardware.
  • Maintenance Free Batteries
  • A typical minimum battery back-up of 3 days
  • Standard Modules include a Parabolic, Square and Circular Fixtures
  • Shaded by the Solar Panels, the rugged, vented aluminum energy storage holds battery(s).
  • System mounts on Standard Pole with steel, aluminum or concrete.
  • Super efficient, bright, white LED light source.
  • The most efficient and aesthetically pleasing white light source in this wattage range.
  • Excellent color rendering optimizes human visual acuity and contrast, offering best in class night-time version.
  • “Instant-ON” – No warm-up or cold start issues
  • LED directed light provides a concentrated, uniform light pattern where it is needed.
  • Unlike conventional lights, no risk of hazardous disposal – CF, CFL,LPS and HPS contain mercury
  • Distributed light & power – no single point of failure for enhanced security
  • No Line Voltage, Trenching or Metering
  • Easy to Install
  • No Electrical Charges
  • Immune to Power Outages
  • No Scheduled maintenance for up to Five Years


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